April 01, 2008

Pocono Trip

Last week we had a trip to Pocono Mountains near my place Harrisburg.We started bit late in the afternoon and could reach the place in 2 hours.Entire journey was great with scenic beauty on the way.We could travel through the country side and had a chance to see animal life and natural vegetation.

There are numerous activities to do on Poconos like white water rafting,skiing etc.But we could only go for skiing and snow tubing because of time constraint.There are several places in the mountains where we can go for white water rafting.Big Boulder Park- the one we visited had the activities like skiing and snow tubing,they generally start sometime in the evening.Management will provide the necessary equipment for skiing and Tubing after we pay the charge.The snow in the photographs is artificially formed and maintained.It was great fun to visit the place with pals. I could take some snaps before it got dark.